Indian Creek Distillery

Sunlit Stillroom Today, a new Artisan Farm Distillery has been built and once again Staley Whiskey is flowing from the still house. Constructed in 2011 by the skilled hands of a true "horse and buggy" Amish crew, our distillery represents the legacy of farm distilling: past, present and future. We are the only family owned historic artisan farm distillery in the United States using the old fashioned double copper distilling method.

In the next few years, our 160 acre farm will yield an organic crop of rye and corn to supply the grain for our distillery's use. The possibility of "heirloom" rye and corn seed could take our early American distilling method another step closer to the past and bring us full-circle with a true "grain to bottle to table" product entirely
produced here on the farm.


The Process Crafted thoughtfully and slowly in small batches in the oldest working stills in America , our frontier whiskey has true character and like character, it's not something that comes easily.

In pursuit of true character, there is no cutting corners. Our distilling process is labor-intensive from start to finish. Our rye and corn are from local farms. The rye is ever-so-slightly crushed in our 130 year old grain mill to open up the spicy flavor of the grain. The stills are hand cleaned, hand greased and hand stirred so that we may fuse historic accuracy into the spirits. Our dedication to quality extends to the hands on bottling process, the true artisan process of the entire distillation process. Hand finishing has been around for centuries- why change something that is a tried and true hallmark of authenticity.

Whiskey" A "true sip of history", our whiskeys are uniquely small batch where art and science meet in the middle to produce a flavor like no other. Our whiskey is an expression of the distiller's mood and work which then flows in and out of 100 years of whiskey-making memory in the bellies of these rare old stills. Each batch will yield a small difference, each unique to the ancient art of distillation and true to the passion that fuels it.

White Whiskey

Award Winning, ELIAS STALEY-The Spirit of America, our straight from the still high white rye has a big bouquet of earthy and floral notes. Flavorful and clean with complex grain flavors and a surpriaingly long pleasant finish. An excellent cocktail base..

Amber Whiskey

STALEY RYE WHISKEY- With old fashioned sophistication, our aged rye is a classic sipping whiskey with plenty of grain forward flavors, smooth spice and dark fruit etched in wood with a gentle, yet flavorful peppery finish. A daringly tasteful Frontier whiskey.

Andy's Old No.5 Bourbon

Andy's Old No.5 Bourbon- A double legend... Delightfully flavorful high corn bourbon. Smokey and sweet, nutty with plenty of oak and heat, vanilla, maple and butterscotch. Caramel lingers with well-rounded flavors. Leaves you with a fine finish and asking for more.

Dandy John's

Dandy John's- Our Summer sipper is bright and clean white corn whiskey. Chock full of candy corn notes and a big bold sweet grain flavor that has a smooth powerful finish. Flavor and warmth go hand in hand with this perfect whiskey.

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

STILL-HOUSE BARREL-AGED MAPLE SYRUP- Made locally from the Ohio Valley, our pure Maple Syrup is the distilled essence of the tree, a virgin syrup, with the wild delicacy of flavor of blossoms and fresh cut maple wood. When the perfection of this syrup is aged in our used whiskey barrels, it soaks up the flavors of the spirit and wood and turns into something even more nuanced and complex- with a touch of Staley Whiskey!

Today's INDIAN CREEK DISTILLERY is a personal expression of what we believe in. Heritage and longevity in a place (with purpose). Old fashioned whiskey we are passionate about, produced by us, historic artisans who in our own right are creating a cultural revolution back to the things that mean the most in life. Like integrity, inspiration, honest thoughtful hard work, done by hand, merging material and soul craft into the spirit of America in a bottle.

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